Acceptance and Adjudication of inheritance

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Specialized Advice on Acceptance and Adjudication of Inheritance

At Gea3, we provide comprehensive legal assistance in the process of accepting and adjudicating inheritances, ensuring that the rights of heirs are respected and that the transmission of the inheritance is carried out efficiently and in accordance with the law.

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Our services

Advice on the Acceptance of Inheritances

Guidance on the options of pure and simple acceptance, for the benefit of inventory or renunciation of inheritance.

Evaluation of the tax and legal implications of each option to protect the interests of the heirs.

Inventory Management and Asset Valuation

Carrying out and supervising detailed inventories of the assets of the estate.

Valuation of real estate, investments and other assets for equitable adjudication.

Adjudicación y Distribución de la Herencia

Assistance in the allocation of assets as stipulated in the will or according to law in the absence of a will.

Resolution of conflicts between heirs to facilitate a consensual and fair distribution.

Why choose us


Experience in Inheritance Management

Our specialized lawyers have extensive experience in managing inheritance acceptance and adjudication processes, providing security and confidence to our clients.


Personalized Approach

We adapt to the individual needs of each heir, ensuring that the process reflects their personal and family interests.


Commitment to Transparency

We keep our clients informed at every stage of the process, offering clarity and facilitating informed decision making.

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