Negotiation between Heirs

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Experts in Negotiation between Heirs

At Gea3, we offer professional services to facilitate negotiations between heirs, ensuring that the agreements reached are fair and legal. Our experience in mediation and inheritance law allows us to guide families through succession processes sensitively and effectively, avoiding protracted conflicts and costly litigation.

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Our services

Family Mediation

Facilitation of dialogues and mediations between heirs to resolve disputes related to the distribution of inheritance.

Creating a neutral and safe environment for constructive discussions.

Agreement Negotiation

Assistance in negotiating agreements that satisfy all heirs, respecting current legal provisions.

Drafting partition agreements that formally document the decisions made by the heirs.

Legal and Tax Advice

Guidance on the legal and tax implications of inheritance agreements.

Advice to ensure that all agreements comply with legislation and maximize tax benefits.

Why choose us


Experience in Inheritance Law

Our team is highly specialized in inheritance law and mediation, with a solid track record in resolving family conflicts.


Personalized Approach

We understand the sensitivity of negotiations between heirs and strive to offer a personalized approach that respects family relationships and individual interests. best possible results.


Commitment to Family Peace

We are dedicated to the pursuit of justice for our clients, working tirelessly to ensure that their rights are protected and defended at all times.

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