Legitimate Claim

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Legal Assistance in Legitimate Claim

At Gea3, we offer specialized legal services in the legitimate claim, ensuring that the rights of forced heirs are respected and protected. Our experience in estate law allows us to effectively represent our clients in these delicate and complex matters.

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Our services

Evaluation of Legitimate Rights

Detailed analysis of the will and the succession situation to determine the rights of forced heirs.

Advice on legal legitimate fees according to applicable legislation.

Representation in Legitimate Claims

Legal representation of heirs in legitimate claims before courts and other legal bodies.

Negotiation with other heirs or beneficiaries to reach a satisfactory agreement.

Documentation and Testing Management

Compilation and preparation of all documents and evidence necessary to support the legitimate claim.

Supervision of notarial and judicial processes to ensure the correct processing of the claim.

Why Choose Us


Specific Experience

Our attorneys have deep understanding and experience in managing legitimate claims, offering expert advice and dedicated representation.


Compassionate and Committed Approach

We understand the sensitivity of these situations and are committed to treating each case with the care and seriousness it deserves.


Effective Results

We are proud of our track record of success in obtaining favorable results for our clients, defending their rights in legitimate proceedings.

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