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Comprehensive Succession and Documentation Management

At Gea3, we offer complete services for estate management and associated documentation. We take care of the entire process, from the initial preparation of documents to the final resolution of the inheritance, ensuring that each step is handled accurately and in accordance with current laws.

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Our services

Preparation of Legal Documentation

Drafting of all documents necessary for the succession process, including wills, inventories, and declarations of heirs.

Ensuring that documentation complies with current legal regulations.

Succession Procedures

Complete management of the necessary procedures for the succession process, including the registration of documentation in the relevant entities.

Coordination with notaries and other authorities to expedite the process.

Advice and Inheritance Management

Guidance and assistance in the acceptance of the inheritance, whether for the benefit of inventory or pure and simple.

Effective administration of the distribution of hereditary assets among heirs.

Why Choose Us


Proven Experience

Our lawyers specialized in real estate law have extensive experience in handling all types of purchase and sale transactions, guaranteeing a reliable and effective service.


Integral approach

We offer a complete service covering all aspects of the succession process, from the initial documentation to the final distribution of the estate.


Personalized Attention

We understand that every family is different. We provide a personalized service to ensure that each client’s needs and wants are appropriately addressed.

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