Intervention as Executor (Marmessor)

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Expert Services as Executor (Marmessor)

At Gea3, we offer professional services to act as Executor (Marmessor in Catalonia), guaranteeing efficient management in accordance with the law of inheritances. We combine our experience in will drafting and tax planning to maximize the efficiency of inheritances, minimizing tax burdens for heirs.

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Our services

Performance as Executor (Marmessor)

Complete administration of the inheritance, ensuring compliance with the last wills of the testator.

Management and distribution of assets as stipulated in the will.

Custom Will Planning

Designing personalized wills that precisely reflect the wishes of the testator and ensure efficient transfer of assets.

Incorporation of tax strategies to minimize inheritance tax obligations.

Asset Management and Valuation

Inventory and valuation of inheritance assets for correct administration and distribution.

Supervision and management of tax obligations and debts of the estate.

Why Choose Us


Experience and Specialization

Our team of inheritance law experts has extensive experience in managing estates and preparing related documentation.


Personalization and Efficiency

Our services are custom designed for each client, ensuring that wills and estate planning align with the specific needs and wishes of the testator.


Comprehensive Tax Optimization

We strive to minimize the tax burdens associated with inheritance, using advanced legal strategies to maximize wealth preservation.

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