Legal and Tax Planning of the Inheritance

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Experts in Legal and Tax Planning of Inheritance

At Gea3, we provide complete legal and tax inheritance planning services to ensure an efficient and strategic transfer of your assets. Our personalized approach ensures that your legacy is managed according to your wishes, minimizing tax and legal obligations for your heirs.

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Our services

Assessment of Assets and Liabilities

Detailed analysis of your personal and business assets, including real estate, investments and other securities.

Review of liabilities to properly integrate them into succession planning.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Development of strategies to reduce the tax burden on inheritance, including the use of gifts, trusts and other legal structures.

Advice on the tax implications of various estate planning decisions.

Drafting Legal Documents

Preparation of all documents necessary for effective estate planning, including wills, powers of attorney and trusts.

Ensuring that all documents comply with current state and federal laws.

Why Choose Us


Succession Planning Experience

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of estate and tax planning, ensuring you receive the best guidance possible.


Proactive Approach

We take a proactive approach to identifying opportunities and risks in your estate planning, working to ensure all aspects are covered.


Service Customization

We customize our services to fit your specific needs, ensuring that your estate planning reflects your personal desires and goals.

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