Inheritance without Will

Where your Rights Begin, Our Commitment Begins.

Expert Management of Inheritances without a Will

At Gea3, we specialize in handling inheritances without a will, ensuring that the rights of the heirs are respected and that the distribution of the inheritance is carried out in accordance with the law. Our meticulous and compassionate approach ensures that the process is handled as efficiently and clearly as possible.

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Our services

Determination of Legal Heirs

Investigation and establishment of who the legitimate heirs are according to the law.

Management of declarations of intestate heirs before a notary or in court.

Inventory and Valuation of Assets

Carrying out a detailed inventory of all the assets that make up the inheritance.

Valuation of assets to ensure equitable distribution among heirs.

Estate Administration

Management of inheritance assets during the succession process.

Settlement of debts and payment of tax obligations associated with the inheritance.

Why choose us


Commitment to Justice

We are dedicated to ensuring that all heirs receive their fair share as established by law, defending their rights throughout the process.


Total Transparency

We keep heirs fully informed throughout the succession process, providing transparency and clarity at every stage.


Integral adviser

We offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of succession, from tax and legal aspects to conflict resolution.

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