Real Estate Successions

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Specialists in Real Estate Successions

At Gea3, we provide expert advice and legal representation in all aspects of real estate successions. From estate planning to probate dispute resolution, our team is here to guide our clients through complex processes with sensitivity and expertise.

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Our services

Estate Planning

Advice on drafting wills and inheritance planning to ensure an orderly transmission in accordance with the will of the testator.

Creation of trusts and structures to protect family assets and minimize tax burdens.

Estate Management

Comprehensive inheritance processing, including obtaining death certificates, last wills and declarations of heirs.

Valuation and management of real estate assets within the estate.

Inheritance Dispute Resolution

Representation in litigation related to disputes between heirs or challenges to wills.

Mediation and negotiation to reach equitable agreements between beneficiaries.

Why Choose Us


Specialization in Successions

Our team has specific knowledge and experience in the management of real estate estates, allowing us to handle complex cases with efficiency and precision.


Personalized advice

We understand that each family and each heritage is unique. We offer personalized solutions that respect the wishes of the testator and protect the interests of the heirs.


Commitment to Sensitivity

We handle all estate matters with the utmost sensitivity and respect during this difficult time, ensuring a calm and respectful process for all involved.

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