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We are a comprehensive legal firm specialized in Civil Law, Real Estate Auctions and Real Estate Law. Our team combines legal experience in contracts, civil litigation and foreclosures. We stand out for offering tailored solutions for our clients, providing advice at every stage, from real estate transactions to the defense of rights in judicial proceedings. Trust us for effective and professional answers in the complex legal world.

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Abogado divorcios en Vilanova

Specialists in Inheritances and Successions

At Gea3, we understand that the management of inheritances and successions is more than a legal process; It is a crucial stage that requires sensitivity, precision, and deep respect for your loved ones’ wishes and legacy. We ensure that everything is handled in accordance with the law and with the utmost respect for your personal needs and those of your family.

“All human beings are born free and equal. in dignity and rights and, endowed as they are of reason and conscience, they must behave fraternally with one another”

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